We are so excited that you have chosen a Biltmore Co. home! We understand that buying/building a new home can both exciting and overwhelming. We pride ourselves on building a home that you are proud of and enjoy living in and we try our very best to deliver a home without many maintenance issues. Certainly, a home is made with thousands of parts and because of this, things may go wrong over the next 12 months. That is why we’re here! We have our own warranty team ready to handle any situation.


We ask that ALL warranty items be submitted to our warranty email at warranty@biltmoreco.com. We recommend sending any pertinent photos. Please allow 48-72 hours for our response time. If your claim has been approved, a work order will be sent to the assigned subcontractor. All subcontractors make their own appointments so you will be scheduling with them. If your issue is something that Scott, Biltmore’s service tech can do, then you will be contacted by the Biltmore warranty department for scheduling. 


Get in the know! Below are step by step instructions on how to solve some commonly asked questions. We will be adding and updating to this list periodically but check back here to see if your problem might be solved by one of these helpful tips before emailing warranty.



Q: It is the first warm day and my AC won’t turn on.

A: Check your breaker box located outside the home next to your AC unit. We do not leave this breaker on if your home was built in the winter time. There is also a breaker in the garage that is labeled for your convenience.


Q: My lights aren’t working.

A: Check your breaker box located in the garage. Also, reset your GFI Breaker.


Q: My LED lights burnt out. Aren’t they supposed to last forever?

A: LED lights are meant to last longer than traditional light bulbs, but it does not mean you won’t get defective ones that could potentially burn out sooner than expected. Try replacing the LED bulb and if that does not work then contact the warranty department. Biltmore installs both can lights and disc lights. Bulbs for can lights can be replaced easily by hand while disc lights will need to be replaced using the wire/nut method and replacements can be purchased at Lowe’s/Home Depot or online through Amazon for a better bulk price.


Q: There are puddles of water in my yard or street.

A: Puddling of water occurs when there is an excess amount of water vs its ability to drain. This can be a result of intense rain fall or sprinkler irrigation. Puddles will drain away very soon after rain or watering stops. If you see puddles, it is best to make sure you and your neighbors are not over-watering, especially after times of heavy rain. Subdivision drains and storm drains are designed to allow the water to flow into those areas, and sometimes heavy rain can cause those areas to overflow or puddle around sidewalk drains. Should you continue to have standing puddles of water in your yard even after days of non-watering, please email warranty.


Q: How long is my landscaping warrantied for and what is covered under my warranty?

A: Your landscaping is warrantied for 90 days after closing. Your trees and bushes are covered under this time frame but grass, however, is not covered under any warranty. The mechanical part of your sprinklers is covered under warranty for 12 months. Adjusting your sprinklers and general lawn care is considered a homeowner maintenance item. Our landscapers would be happy to come out and educate you on how to use your sprinkler box and and irrigation valves for a $120 service charge should you desire this service. If there is something mechanically wrong with your sprinklers, please email us at warranty@biltmoreco.com.


Q: Are my appliances covered under warranty?

A: Yes, your appliances are covered under a manufacture’s warranty. You may contact Home Appliance at 208.376.0031 for repairs after your Biltmore homeowner warranty expires.



Biltmore does not warranty cosmetic items in your home. These items are considered homeowner maintenance. Here are a few examples:

(you can find more detail of what we do and do not cover in your warranty manual located on the USB drive given to you at closing.)

*Adjusting your sprinkler heads

*Proper landscape and water maintenance

*Concrete cracks (Biltmore does not warranty concrete)

*Changing HVAC filters and the damage it may cause from not replacing them

*Interior and exterior caulking

*Paint touch-ups caused from normal wear traffic

*Grout cracks

*Sheetrock cracks in garage


Items that are considered EMERGENCY:

*Total loss of heat

*A/C unit failure

*Total loss of electricity

*A plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off

*Natural gas smell- Please call Intermountain Gas Emergency Hotline at (208)377-6840.

*Total loss of water

*A situation that endangers the occupants of the home

*The garage door’s failure to open


Emergency Claims:

In the event of an emergency, repair only claims may be made via telephone to a representative of Biltmore Co, but must be followed promptly with a completed Emergency Warranty claim via email.